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With Easy Web Editor, you won't get bogged down with hundreds of files and links, or with complex "HTML", programming, coding. You're free to concentrate on the design and content of your Web site!  
EasyWebEditor is a WebSite creator software both feature rich and designed to save you time and effort. 
web site software 
Get EasyWebEditor, the professional easy Website creator program! Get Easy Web Editor, the powerful Web site builder software! 
Create your Website in minutes, get EasyWebEditor now! The #1 Web Site Builder Software. 
Main features and benefits: 
- fully visual, no code / HTML, so it is fine also for novices; 
- templates or... not, in other words you can use templates but you are not forced to, there are not fixed and mandatory layouts; 
- can manage a whole site at once (no need to memorize file names, no need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions); 
- you can publish to infinite Web spaces / Web sites, no limits (some other editors allow you to create only a single Website); 
- you can host anywhere, no server hosting restrictions: the product is fine for both Windows and Unix / Linux servers, any web space (some other editors are limited to a single hosting brand); 
- hundreds of functions: frames with drag & drop, mouse over sensitive images, header and footers, styles, advanced frame set management, slides, keywords, internal album, insert Flash animations, forms and much more... 
- not just powerful... the environment is also optimized for maximum editing speed, as your time is precious: simultaneous browsing and editing (you can browse links with a double click); visual linking (you select the link destination with active previews, even when you show separate popup windows and/or insert complex frame-to-frame links); 
- one click publishing: you can edit your website offline, then just a click and the internal Internet publisher (FTP) cares of the upload/update to your Web space, with automatic detection of added / modified pages; 
- your Website will be good with any browser, not just Internet Explorer (some other editors like Internet Explorer only)! 
- main functions are very similar to ones used in standard Word Processors, reducing learning time; 
- visual shopping cart; and shopping cart plugin for PayPal and Pageville (secure ecommerce)
- advanced functions available for experts: you can insert HTML, Javascripts, and so on... (there are no limits, it's not a toy for kids); 
- comprehensive help and documentation; fast and good support; 
-  plugin support (e.g. 3D buttons; Gliftic; Repligator); 
- can save an entire Website as a single file: this makes it easy to archive and exchange works; additionally you can convert the site to a protected ebook with just one click (with EBooksWriter) or to a CD (with CDFrontEnd); 
- yet can run on a old Pentium 100 MHz with 32MB RAM; MS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7; sites will be ok both for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, smartphones and also old browsers; 
Get EasyWebEditor, the professional easy Website creator program! Get Easy Web Editor, the powerful Web site builder software! 
website creation software
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